With our internationally recognized portfolio, active regional distribution agreements, and a deep commitment to professionalism, service, and long-term partnerships, we are well-positioned to help you achieve your Caribbean distribution goals.

Market Knowledge

Our local expertise is in the cultural diversity of the region, reflected in the people that make up our team.


Our distribution partners reach a multitude of channels, inclusive of pharmacies, gas stations, major retailers, and more.

Success Stories

Our experience in managing consumer health products in the region includes building one of the leading vitamin and supplement brands in the Caribbean.


Our network spans over 30 markets across the Caribbean, managing relationships with over 150 distribution partners in the region.

Our Team

Our team travels frequently across the region to ensure a constant pulse on opportunities within Caribbean markets.

Focused Portfolio

Our portfolio specifically focuses on Consumer Health products in order to build a specialized understanding of the dynamics of the region.


With the benefit of our local market expertise and working closely with our distributors and suppliers, we have streamlined the Caribbean product management process.

Brand Management

We review sales, performance, and potential opportunities for each of the brands within our portfolio.

Distribution Management

We select an exclusive distributor per market based on the unique needs of the brand.


We assume credit risk and extend terms to our many customers across the region, simplifying supplier invoicing to a single account.


We help brands effectively utilise marketing budgets for customised campaigns for the region, building visibility and increasing uptake at a local level.


We directly coordinate the transport of orders from the supplier’s warehouse into the individual markets, managing the documentation, routing and communication with relevant parties.


We offer valuable administrative support services in all these areas to our distributors and suppliers.